There’s an interesting thing going on in the Christian community these days.  It’s not anything new, really.  It’s been like this for hundreds of years.  The problem is that we all realize that it exists, and yet, we continue to feed the fire.

I’m talking about denominations.  Specifically, the wedge that exists among Christians due to denominational loyalties.  I’m sure you all have seen it yourselves and can give some examples of what you have experienced. I know I’ve experienced it.

The church was built on the foundation of Jesus Christ, the son of The Living God. Unfortunately, there are too many church leaders and members who have forgotten that and have allowed the foundation of their church and their faith to be their denomination – its beliefs, its traditions, its leaders. Sadly, when it comes to choosing between their denomination and the foundation which is Jesus, too often the wrong choice is made.

It has gotten to the point that some denominations actually base salvation on whether one is part of their denomination or not.   Didn’t  someone once say something about, “One Body?” (Eph 4:1-6)

The point of all this is that denominations have become a barrier to building the Kingdom of God on this planet.  I understand that we do not want to see a watering down of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the sake of fellowship and communion.  However, it also appears to me that the great majority of denominational differences are typically secondary in importance, even when theological in basis.  Towards that end, it should be more important to us as Christians that we understand what Paul is saying in Romans 14:13-23 – that we can agree to disagree on secondary issues without decreasing the importance of the primary issues – and it seems to me that most Christian denominations would agree upon those – just look at their creeds.

So, until denominations recognize that in their pursuit of winning their arguments over secondary issues, they have divided the family of God and their stubbornness to these issues are more detrimental than beneficial to the Kingdom of God, The Ark will be non-denominational, preaching Christ and Him crucified.